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Fiik Street Skater Electric Skateboard

Fiik Street Skater Electric Skateboard

Manufacturer: Fiik Electric Skateboards

Item Number: 41

Overview: Fiik Street Skater Electric Skateboard

Retail Price: $1,345.00

Your Price: $1,250.00


Fiik Skateboards has combined outright power and range, with lusty agility. Engineered with high clearances, the STREET SURFER plays hard. The ultimate on-road, off-road board. A shorter wheelbase gets you in and out of tight turns, over tricky terrain and back to a hard-surface to your next destination.The STREET SURFER is not only a great family fun board, it was created to endure and dominate any terrain in its path.
Concave Deck: Provides better mobility and stability
LED Head/Tail Lights
Shorter Wheelbase: More maneuverability for tighter turns
Retro Styling: Classic speed stripe design
Power Plant: Extreme high-torque – lots of power - on-road and off-road
Power: Premium performance all alloy construction Lithium-Polymer (LiFePo4) or standard, sealed lead acid battery
Wheel Rims: Aluminium – lightweight, rock solid
Tires: Pneumatic off-road Street Specials. Also available with Heavy-Duty profile knobby rubber, for getting off-road and into the dirt!
Max Load: 300lbs
Carry Handle
Top Speed: 22mph
Range: 13AH Battery 12 - 20 miles
Range: 30AH BAttery up to 50 miles range
Battery:Lithium Rechargeable memory-free, deep-cycle, high-output battery-pack. Quick-release, 20-second battery exchange
Re-Charge: 4-5 hours
Pistol-Grip controller: Wireless
Step-less digital throttle, with Four-Speed selector
Four speed settings give you progressive control for confident board skills development
ABS Braking: Anti-Lock, Controller-Activated-Braking. Regenerative technology helps increase ride-time
System Safety: Low-voltage cut-off switch, with heat overload fuse protection sensor
*Please Note: speed and range depend on rider's weight, terrain, slope, and other factors*

Board Dimensions: 109cm L x 27cm W x 23cm H
Weight: 50lbs with 13AH Battery
Weight: 60lbs with 30AH Battery

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